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Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Analyzer

Calculate your mortgage payments based on a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or accelerated basis. Find out what your remaining balance is at the end of your selected mortgage term as well as the interest paid. Input your maximum desired mortgage payment and calculate the maximum loan available given current interest rates.

Calculate the effects of prepaying by completing the boxes below.

Lump Sum Payments
Mortgage Payment Increases


By making prepayments, the amount of time it will take to pay off your mortgage has been reduced by:

Year(s) and Month(s).
This also represents a savings of $ in interest.


Microsoft Excel Downloads

Mortgage Calculator - Excel spreadsheetMortgage Amortization Graph
Calculate your mortgage payment and determine the interest savings of making additional monthly or annual prepayments. View your mortgage graph or amortization schedule.

Mortgage Calculator - Excel spreadsheetMortgage Affordability Chart
Calculate housing affordability based on a wide range of household incomes and down payment categories by inputting the current market mortgage rate.

Mortgage Calculator - Excel spreadsheetFinancial Feature Sheet
Calculate the down payment, insurance fees, monthly payments and household income required to buy your new home.

Mortgage Calculator - Excel spreadsheetProperty Down Payment Saver
Calculate the growth of your savings and periodic investments over time.

Mortgage Calculator - Excel spreadsheetDiscount Rate Comparison
Input the best discounted mortgage rates and compare the savings against current bank posted rates over the term of the mortgage loan.

Mortgage Calculator - Excel spreadsheetProperty Appreciation
Calculate the potential equity in your home at mortgage renewal based on the annual appreciation rate you input.

Mortgage Calculator - Excel spreadsheetClosing Costs Spreadsheet
Add up and calculate the closing costs of your new home!